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Thermodul: Electric Model & Model of Hot Water

Thermodul can easily be retrofitted to a house using existing pipework, or incorporated into a new build. There’s even an electrical version for situations where a hot water boiler is not feasible, and our dual fuel system (water & electrical) is an ideal match for renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and solar PV.

Energy Requirements

Using a custom made program, the energy requirments for each room are calculated very accurately because of the advantages of Thermodul, the energy required in Kilowatt (KW) for the desirable level of thermal comfort is less than other heating systems. It creates a comfortable environment with the thermostat set 1-2 degrees lower than other heating systems because of the uniform heat distribution. It responds to the desired temperature faster than other systems.

Model of Hot Water

Can function with any boiler, wood burning stove or heat pump and can even be connected to solar panels

Electric Model

Ideal when it is impossible or inconvenient to install a boiler and for renovations and improvements to excisting homes



Thermodul can become almost invisible, blending into any stylistic context, or it can make a statement thanks to the wide range of colours available.

Healthy & Comfortable
Energy saver
Uniform heating
Simple & Functional
Pet Friendly
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The Thermodul system offers both wellness and practical advantages, making it an ideal choice from all points of view.

- feel good in my home
- live in comfort and design
- adopt a leading-edge solution
- have freedom of choice in decorating
- save energy and money

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