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Thermodul: radiating skirting board solutions

Thermodul is a radiant skirting board heating system that operates mainly by radiation, which is the most natural and efficient heat diffusion system that provides a high degree of comfort. It does not dry the air, promoting easy breathing. It keeps your walls dry, avoiding the formation of mold and microbes. It can be easily cleaned due to its construction.

An enveloping warmth, a snug sensation of well being, feeling comfortable at home every day.

Healthy & Comfortable
Energy saver
Uniform heating
Simple & Functional
Pet Friendly

How it works?

Minimum obstruction, excellent yield

Heat level Radiant heat from the wall Heat transfer with mild currents Heat radiation from the peripheral heating profile width 2.9 cm. height 2.9 cm.

Thermodul allows you to feel comfortable at home by creating three layers of heat. When the system is switched on, hot air from the vent clings to the surface of the wall and heats it up. This is noticeable up to around 60cm from the top of the skirting board system.

As a result, the wall becomes a radiator along the length of the skirting board system radiating a uniform heat, achieving a superior comfort level in a faster response time and at a smaller cost compared to the other conventional systems.



*Approved that saves up to 40% less energy

The special front panel next to the heating core allows the heat to spread uniformly and effectively mainly by radiation.

The small amount of hot air generated by convection through the top opening of the skirting board attaches itself to the walls, which absorb the heat and then release it gradually into the room, keeping it dry and mould-free.

Its particular operating features make this healthy system suitable for people with delicate health.

Thermodul requires no particular skills and the installation is quick and easy.

Space distribution of heat with different heating systems

Classic System

Underfloor System



Thermodul skirting board heating system is an innovative solution that offers many advantages, first of all for your own health and well being. It does not cause the domestic convection currents that enable the picking up and circulation of dust, pollen and dust mites from the floor.

In addition it maintains a constant level of relative humidity on the walls keeping them dry and unaffected of mold.

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Where to use it?

The range of colours, small size and variety of models make Thermodul a highly flexible solution.

Due to its special features, Thermodul can be utilised except for new houses,also in cases where is needed to preserve the integrity and availability of wall and floor space as far as possible, such as in the case of historical buildings, agricultural resorts, museums, libraries and shops.

Thermodul's flexibility, thanks to the wide range of available options, this system is also suitable for heating large areas, such as public buildings, schools, hotels, churches, etc.

How to use it?

This is a solution that can be interpreted in various ways depending on the results to be obtained

Our experienced and scientific staff, throughout a technical study of your project, will consult you about where the skirting board heating system should be established as well as other information that concern the discretion, energy saving and style of your Thermodul system.


This skirting board heating system can become virtually invisible, blending in with the colour and finish of the wall
Furthermore, thanks to the full range of RAL colours, the skirting is also available in gold, chrome, dark bronze and satin aluminium, as well as in a range of wood and marble effects that can perfectly match whatever surface against which they may rest.


Thermodul’s reduced size allows interior designers to give the right emphasis to the room’s stylistic features without having any radiators, stoves, chimneys, etc. reducing the surface area or volume of a room.

In the hands of the architect, it can become an additional design element, by choosing contrasting colours to achieve the desired effect.


Thanks to the exclusive integrated LED lighting accessory LED, besides having an additional decorating factor, light effects can be created (even coloured) that enhance the architectural features of the house and provide safety lighting at night, as well as having adjustable brightness to allow a book to be read.

Less money, better heating

Energy Saving

The radiating skirting board heating system enables the user to achieve optimal comfort levels with temperatures up to 2 degrees lower than those of normal radiators. The special system of even heat distribution from below enables the user to have optimal heating with low energy consumption.

The efficiency of THERMODUL has been tested in an accredited independent laboratory, in compliance with European standards.

Thanks to the low water content (0.29 l/m) of the water based version and the special heat distribution method, significant energy savings can be achieved (30-40%).

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